Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Last updated 04-Nov-2016

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Contracted Energy Capacity The Supply demand in kW integrated over periods of 30 minutes which you have contracted with the TL to be made available at each metered intake supply point for your premises.
Declared Quantity The monthly quantity of electricity you have declared for the Contract Supply Period.
USEP Uniform Singapore Energy Price also known as Pool Price.
EMA Energy Market Authority.
EMC Energy Market Company.
GST Tax that is chargeable on supply of goods or services as provided under the Goods & Services Tax Act (Cap. 117A).
Banker’s Guarantee Guarantee in the form and on the terms and conditions acceptable to the Energy Retailer and issued by a reputable commercial bank in Singapore acceptable to the Energy Retailer.
Third Party Charges Market charges that are invoiced to the Energy Retailer.
Metering Data Usage readings for the Premises including any estimated metering data and Transmission Losses, as advised by the Energy Retailer ’s appointed meter readers or the MSSL or otherwise in accordance with the Metering Code.
MSP Any person which provides any service referred to in the Metering Code and includes a Meter Data Manager, Meter Reader and Meter Equipment Service Provider.
MSSL Market Support Service Licensee.
Network Electricity transmission and distribution system in Singapore.
PSO Power System Operator.
Supply Supply or deemed supply of electricity to your premises.
TL Transmission Licensee and the Transmission Agent Licensee or any successor or assign, which owns and/or operates the Network.
Transmission Losses Transmission losses for the Supply to the Customer from the point of exit from the Network to the Delivery Point. For more information, please visit this link.