Scope 3 Tenancy Data

A whole new revenue stream

Control your carbon footprint and energy costs and usage

Tenant billing services for property developers and owners’ corporations can be a great revenue stream if set up and managed correctly. It can also reduce building management fees, and assist with ongoing maintenance fees, all of which can make the difference when selling properties.

However, keeping up with the constantly changing regulations as well as managing tenants, ensuring you are maximizing profit can be a full-time job. Fines for non-compliance are quite expensive and risky.

If you manage your tenant billing services and are unsure if you are meeting obligations under the regulatory rules, Eutility can assist with your bill production requirements. We have a full retailer grade billing system that is fully compliant with the regulations.

Carbon managers can also use the system for warehousing of tenancy data for ease of Scope 3 reporting obligations.

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Eutility understands your needs and can assist in four key area's
Warehousing scope 3 tenancy data for carbon reporting
Reporting on the billing for the embedded networks and how this  relates to the gate meter billing
Assist procuring the gateway meter power supply and/or metering services ensuring best cost is achieved
Tenant bill production and warehousing in a single easy to use platform

Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Below is a snapshot of the reporting and insights from our SmartView platform
Overview Report
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