control solar procurement and costs

SmartSolar™ enables businesses to find further savings and stabilisation of energy costs

At the same time, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their green credentials

Over the years, SmartEnergy™ has led to millions of dollars in savings for many of Eutility’s 10,000 international locations. Diversifying into SmartSolar™ is a natural progression of our energy services, enabling our clients to find further savings and stabilisation of energy costs – reducing carbon footprint and enhancing green credentials.

Listening to our clients, we developed our solar monitoring portal, SmartSolar™. Whilst many solar companies provide access to their own portals these fail to link your solar system to the bill and confirm accurate energy and cost savings each month.

Eutility delivers a comprehensive end-to-end service

Eutility’s SmartSolar™ team will work with you to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service managing all aspects of your solar needs – including choice of system, solar installer, implementation and ongoing monitoring and optimisation.

Our SmartSolar™ online portal provides you with the transparency on the ongoing management and performance of your investment.

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Eutility provides two distinct SmartSolar™ services


Solar procurement and management

Eutility provides an independent tender platform to all commercial solar energy suppliers

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Accurate cost savings verification

Eutility has custom software receiving interval data allowing accurate savings calculations

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