control energy usage and carbon output

SmartView™ empowers you with near real-time information on energy usage and demand

Reduce your overall energy consumption and carbon output with SmartView™
SmartView™ is an online service complementary to SmartView™ allowing for the delivery and full use of your energy interval data. This gives you control of your energy usage and subsequent carbon output. SmartView™ enables Eutility’s analysts and engineers to explore your detailed electricity data and recommend ways for you to reduce your overall energy consumption. Your business will receive the full range of benefits from our industry-leading experts, including monthly reporting recreating your previous energy usage – so you can see the savings in black and white.
SmartView™ gives you control of your energy usage and carbon output
SmartView™ provides a detailed analysis and assessment of your energy consumption and recommending technology to help you control and reduce your usage immediately.
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Eutility provides two distinct SmartView
Solar procurement and management
Eutility provides an independent tender platform to all commercial solar energy suppliers
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Accurate cost savings verification
Eutility has custom software receiving interval data allowing accurate savings calculations
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