Tenant Management Services (TMS)

Manage electricity billing services, smart metering and compliance assurance for tenants

SmartEnergy™ empowers you with near real-time information on energy usage and demand

Reduce your overall energy consumption and carbon output with SmartEnergy™
SmartEnergy™ gives you control of your energy usage and carbon output
SmartEnergy™ provides a detailed analysis and assessment of your energy consumption and recommending technology to help you control and reduce your usage immediately.
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Manage electricity billing services, smart metering and compliance assurance for tenants

Tenant billing services for Landlords and owners’ corporations can be a great revenue stream if set up and managed correctly. However, keeping up with the constantly changing regulations as well as managing tenants can be time-consuming and costly.

Efficient and consolidated tenant management platform and services not only ensures you can focus better on other core job functions but can also reduce building management fees.

Service(s) available include(s)

Billing Services

To manage the billing and tenant records Eutility has built a custom online database and billing platform, SmartInvoicing
  • Access to the SmartInvoicing billing portal to enable management of tenancy details, viewing of bills and tenants’ account summaries
  • Provide quality data checks including:
    a. Data gaps
    b. Anomalous usage
    c. In period settlements
  • Convert tenant meter data into monthly billing
  • Create electricity invoices
  • Prepare and email electricity invoices directly to individual tenants
  • Provided monthly reconciliation reports
  • Provide support to enable Client/ Landlords to answer tenants’ billing enquires
  • Review of invoice templates against exempt seller requirements

Smart Metering

Eutility work with accredited meter providers for supply and installation of tenant sub-meters
  • Reading of data from existing compatible meters
  • Replacement of non-compatible meters
  • Installation of compliant Smart meters
  • Data collations and provisioning

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We uncover credits on 45% of tier one carrier invoices. In many cases retrospectively!
To assist you in managing your Tenant Management Services, you will have access to our SmartInvoicing™ portal. SmartInvoicing™ allows you to:

Hierarchical multi-user access and cost-centre allocation
Allocate your cost centres and locations within a three-tier login zone
Online storage of documents, invoices, contracts and reports
Access all your documents, including invoices, contracts, reports and analysis
You never waste your time negotiating with service providers
Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage
Ability to export all of billing data for all of your sites
Export a flat file that consists of all your billing data for all of your sites
Review consumption, key statistics, CO2 and expenditure
An easy to comprehend chart shows all your invoices and key statistics by month
Improve your energy efficiency by benchmarking your sites
Benchmarking enables you to identify poor performance, guiding measurable improvements to efficiency
Validation of contract compliance, invoices and network tariff
Eutility does more than empower businesses with control of utility costs and usage
Alerts of unusual activity and resolve billing and contractual issues
Our Help Desk is alerted to unusual activity to be resolved and your Account Manager will be alerted to any billing and contractual issues that need resolving.
30 Minute delivery of State-by-State spot market pricing
This allows a graphical representation of all electricity spot pricing since 1999

Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Below is a snapshot of the reporting and insights from our SmartView platform
SmartInvoicing 2
SmartInvoicing 3
SmartInvoicing 4